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Lucky has been assisting numerous customers with relocation for over twenty years. Members of our senior staff have stayed with us, giving our customers excellent services. But no matter how long we have been in business, we are always searching for ways to better ourselves. Through our experience, rigorous training for our staff, and constant improvements, Lucky is an indomitable team.
Lucky’s Principles
˙Enthusiastic service
The goal of Lucky is service, and we are known for our friendly service. We do everything in our power to meet the customer’s demands and prepare for all contingencies. We welcome requests for estimates at anytime.
˙Transport with Care
All Lucky employees are professionally trained with expertise in moving and packing. We will do everything we can to minimize chances of damage during transport.
˙Meticulous Packing
Packing is the most important step in the moving process. Individual items require unique packing materials and methods. Any improperly even minutely packed items may be damaged during a move. Lucky uses wardrobe boxes, crates, and cardboard boxes of all sizes to protect furniture. Other than small, delicate items, which customers should personally pack, we will gladly come out to pack for you on-site, or in our warehouse.
˙Worry-free Pricing
Offering professional and quality services does not mean higher costs. Lucky aims to provide first rate services at reasonable prices. If the customer needs to temporarily store cars or other items during the moving process, keeping them at Lucky’s warehouse is a safe choice at lower rates, as well as reducing the likelihood of damaging them during repeated moves.
˙You Can Rest Assured
All employees of Lucky wear company uniforms, arrive on time and are professional. We explain details of the move to you, and clearly label all packages, minimizing any confusion, allowing you to rest assured.
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